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Footprint in every land

Footprint in every land
Pioneers Development Company (PREDCO) is one of the real estate market leaders in Egypt, offering a 360-degree solution in real estate and construction services.

Empowered by a diverse portfolio of more than 6 Key subsidiaries and 15 projects across the country, Pioneers offers a full range of solutions in the real estate ecosystem.

The company was established as a result of a horizontal de-merger of Pioneers Holding Company, which became Aspire Capital Holding for Financial Investments. PREDCO will continue its mission towards world-class real estate development, along with premium investment, contracting, leasing and management services.

The company adopted an effective management approach in the implementation of contracting works and the development of its real estate projects done to match the highest international standards with the lowest costs.The company is also working on expanding its business in the most important strategic locations throughout the country, focusing on Cairo cities.

the target

Our Mission

We strive to always offer world-class services to please our real-estate clients in Egypt. We use proper project management practices, empowered by an incomparable network of subsidiaries and projects portfolio.



We enjoy a diverse range of residential and commercial property projects!

Total Land bank 11mn sqm

Delivered units 5000+

Commercial Space 50k+ M2

Real Estate Developments 15+

Key Subsidiaries 6

chairman's message


CEO’s Message

Over the previous decade, Egypt’s real estate sector has proven immune to precariousness. Capitalizing on this opportunity, we have been prioritizing the demands of real estate clients and owners, empowered by an incomparable network of subsidiaries and projects portfolio.

The past period has proven to be a tough one with the aftermath of the Global pandemic, yet our brand has continued to grow and take up new, high-end projects. We have acquired majority ownership over our high-value subsidiaries, with ongoing synergies, streamlined decision-making, enhanced operational performance, and optimal allocation of our management.

Pioneers Development Company (PREDCO) is regarded as one of the top market leaders as we continue to create and deliver fully integrated and sustainable communities, with a current total land bank of 11 million square meters and a focus on commercially driven business lines. Our constructions are assured to meet the greatest quality and safety requirements, with prime locations in East Cairo, West Cairo, North Coast and Red Sea.

As the real estate market continues to be one of the highest growing sectors, it has allowed PREDCO to provide the necessary focus and resources to develop new growth opportunities in an ever-changing macroeconomic environment.


Waleed Zaki


Corporate Strategy

Due to the company’s proper investment process, it has succeeded in developing its portfolio with numerous successful investments. The company is keen on conducting adequate research and analysis to identify feasible opportunities that would contribute to maximizing the company’s investment return. Starting from the acquisition process to the exit stage, the company can determine the potential demand for existing projects and companies within a short period, thus maximizing their benefit to the company and all related parties.

The company is committed to continually improving the operational efficiency and financial management of all its businesses by enhancing and redesigning its operations model, as well as working with management teams to improve the capital structure and grow the company’s business by improving the performance and asset quality of various promising projects in accordance with internationally recognized best practices.

The company focuses on integrating the new assets acquired with the existing ones to get the most benefit and maximize the value of these projects in the fastest time, transforming them from mere local companies to leading entities in the regional arena.

Corporate Strategy


We Believe In

As we focus all our efforts on establishing highly attractive enterprises that grow into market leaders, maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and ethical business practices comes without compromise, while cultivating a unique regional business network.
To achieve this, we’ve invested heavily in building a world-class work environment over the years as we work toward becoming an employer of choice, while maintaining an innovative culture that attracts, rewards, and retains top local and international talents.






Our People

Mohamed Zakaria Mohyeldin

Vice Chairman Mohamed Zakaria Mohyeldin

Waleed Mohamed Zaki

Chairman & CEO Waleed Mohamed Zaki

Haitham Al Ansary

Deputy CEO for Investments Haitham Al Ansary

Mohamed Zakaria

Chairman Mohamed Zakaria

Waleed Mohamed Zaki

Chairman & CEO Waleed Mohamed Zaki

Taha El Telbany

Board Member Taha El Telbany

Yasser Zaki

Board Member Yasser Zaki

Hisham Hassan

Board Member Hisham Hassan

Al Muhaidb Holding Co. (Mr. El Saleh)

Board Member Al Muhaidb Holding Co. (Mr. El Saleh)

Wafra International Investment (Mr. El Samea)

Board Member Wafra International Investment (Mr. El Samea)

Shaimaa Mohamed

Board Member Shaimaa Mohamed

Alaa Mohamed

Board Member Alaa Mohamed


predco legacy








PREDCO was established and acquired PHC’s Real Estate investments due to the horizontal demerger of Pioneers Holding Company

Establishment of Mashareq

PHC acquires Roya Group

PHC acquires Giza Contracting and United Housing

PHC acquires Cairo Housing and enters the real estate and construction sector

Pioneers Holding Company was founded, with an intent to multiply an initial NAV of EGP 800m in diversified investments, to EGP 29 billion in 2021

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